Salt Lake City International Airport Control Tower Logo

This is a logo I designed for my Dad at the SLC Airport.  He's having them put on shirts (note the cool faux stitches on the above image).

I also modeled it in Maya just for fun.  (above) 


Breakfast: The Most Important App of the Day

I had posted this a long time ago in a very rough form.  I still have bigger plans for it, but this will have to suffice for now.



I was drawing buffaloes and it was so much cooler with an Uncle Sam hat!


The Mighty Chipmunk

Camping season came and went again, without a single camp-out in my family.  We can try to blame it on a one year old baby, but let's face it: the real problem is we don't have a Chipmunk 2000 with which to camp in style and comfort.

I did this all in Adobe Photoshop, which gave my digital painting skills quite a workout.  I'm quite proud of it.



Fast Effective Relief

One of the things I'm most proud of about this great country of ours is that we get the opportunity to vote.  If there seems to be something ailing the country, we can make it right simply by voting.  So if you haven't voted yet today, get going!

My first Snowman


It's a Sham-WOW!

Ever since I first saw the commercial on TV I have wanted a Sham-WOW, but my excitement is matched by my fear that all my fluids might inadvertently be osmosed from my cells.


Tribute to Jackie, my wife...and her love of toe socks

Just so everyone is clear on this subject, this was Jackie's idea.  She wanted her own meme really bad and we came up with this one.  It's based on a true story:  Jackie really does love hideous toe socks.

YOLO makes ghosts sad


Lars in America

You probably remember the original "Lars the Disgruntled Lego" which I did for an assignment for my 3D animation class at BYU.  I had always intended to put some sound effects on just to make it a little more polished, but when I set out to do that yesterday, it kind of billowed into a mini-short-film.

It may not be apparent to most people what Lars has to do with Denmark, but that's just a reference to the fact that Lego is a Danish company so all minifigures are obviously Danish.

I hope you enjoy!


Skyline Drive

On Saturday my family and I went on a lovely (and slightly harrowing) drive through Manti-La Sal National Forest on Skyline Drive.  We got up there and we were inside a cloud most of the time so we couldn't see a whole lot until we came down the other side and saw the screaming-yellow aspens against the blueish green pines.  It was a lot of fun.  If you ever have a chance to drive any scenic byways, do it.


Doug the Dinosaur (rough for header)

Story time!

So when I was but a lad, I was obsessed with watching my Dad draw things.  I couldn't sit still in church unless my Dad was drawing something for me.  I think he got tired of it so he would draw the most gnarly, snaggle-toothed dinosaurs (my favorite thing back then) and I never got tired of it.

One day my Dad got tired of drawing for me constantly and said "why don't you do it?"  So I did. From then on I drew my own drawings and haven't stopped since.

So thanks Dad, I owe you!

(This was hand drawn in Utah and put together in Adobe After Effects.)


Gordon T. Bear

 I did this fun sketch (below... and yeah, I can't believe my scanner sucks that bad either) and decided to take another stab at Photoshop painting (which I'm still getting the hang of).  I ended up spending about 100 times more time on this than I had anticipated, but I think it turned out pretty good!

 Most of the time I think I have to do a bunch of different takes on a drawing before settling on the one I like, but this one kind of just came to me.  I'm glad I changed his somewhat unsettling face to something more appealing though.

Oh and I named him after my little boy Gordy.


Walk Cycle: Just For Fun

The other day I realized that I'd never animated a walk cycle by hand so I did.  This was also an excuse to try to get my hand drawn animations more polished using after effects.

I chose these colors because they remind me of growing up watching Nickelodeon in the nineties.



Once again, I'm arting a friend in the style I think most fits him.



Nelson Viz-O-Matic Mark 1

Hey animation world!  I haven't posted in forever because I A) got a job and B) have been working on this!  I got sick of wishing I had a light box so I decided that the best thing to do would be to build my own.  Yeah it's the best thing ever.  I even threw a handy switch on for good measure.



 When I was little I had a cowboys and indians Lincoln Log set that I played with all the time.  I think it's sad that we seem to have lost that sense of longing for the days when the West was still the frontier and being a cowboy meant freedom and rugged individualism.  America to me will always be fresh like it was to the people back then, even if I can't be a cowboy.
Oh, and here's some babies.


Anteaters and Toucans

I just did some of them-there animal sketches.  I especially like the anteater who is explaining something.  I don't know what he would be explaining, but I am sure he is very knowledgeable and sagely.


Billy Animation

This was an assignment for my character animation class.  The teacher designed the character, which I think looks stupid, but all I had to do was animate it.  I am realizing that 2D animation is way more my style.  I like to have the flexibility to draw and move the character any way I want.



A fun little drawing I did for my good friend Aaron Barlow.  I'm trying to make a drawing for each of my friends in a style that they either like themselves or how I see them.  I hope they like it either way of course.



I made a whole series of food posters back in the day for my high school.  This is a test to see how I can animate them.


Bottomless Pitt

Today I was telling my son that he was eating like a bottomless-Pitt.  I then explained to him (he's only 8 months old after all) where the expression came from:  My good friend Joey Pitt got his butt eaten off by an orca whale.


Indian Brave

I designed, modeled, shaded, textured, animated rendered and composited this all on my own!

Autodesk Maya
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects



This is my beautiful wife Jackie.  I am trying to get more into the photoshop swing o things.


Hey Kids! Check DIS out!

I love me some tiki time!

I used blendshapes to move his mouth and other facial features.


Tiki Tim

This is for a project in my 3D animation class.  I whipped up this tiki idol and now I'm going to animate him and have him say something funny.  You probably notice the tiki trend... I like anything Hawaiiany.


Lårs, the Disgruntled Minifig

When you find yourself in a foreign land, you often find that the customs are quite hard to get used to.  Not only is Lårs far from his Danish homeland, but he's also a toy...taken in by his well-meaning but careless American family.

This was my first 3D animation.  I used Autodesk Maya along with a little Adobe After Effects action.  The texturing (however minimal) was done in Adobe Photoshop.