Flour Sack Jump

Don't ask me why but animation schools always make you animate flour sacks jumping around. Weird.


Grass In The Wind Animation

Animation Tip #2: Don't be afraid to slow things down in your animation. It will probably look better.


Pendulum Swing

CalArts is sweet so far.

Animation basics: use acceleration and deceleration to your advantage when showing weight.


California Flag Shirts

Designed and screen printed with love.  (By the way, if you're looking for a fun thing to do together; do not screen print.  Things get pretty tense really quickly.)


Arizona Night Driving

Jackie and I hadn't been married long when we took an unplanned trip to the Grand Canyon.  Our rickety Volkswagen probably shouldn't have been trusted to take us all that way but it held itself together.  I'll never forget how eerily peaceful it was driving across the desert of northern Arizona as the sun set; the distant hills silhouetted by a faint greenish glow.


Some Mormon Questions Answered (Screen Grabs)

 I have lately had the feeling I should use all this new-found animation know-how to give my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm putting together a few little tiny animations that playfully talk about some things people wonder about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Cool, huh?


This Is The Place!

Happy Pioneer day!  For those outside of Utah, on this day in 1847 the Mormon pioneers entered my beloved Salt Lake Valley.  My home town of Bountiful was the second settlement after Salt Lake City itself.  Celebrate by eating some pie or something else tasty.

Lego Now and Then

I love Legos, but when I walk through the Lego aisle in the store (and yes, that's every time I'm at the store) I can't help but notice that they aren't quite the same as when I was younger.


Sequoia National Park in stunning 3D!

You heard correctly...this is actually a 3D .gif!  Ever done one of those magic eye books or posters?  If you can do those you can do this too!

Here are some handy tips I've come up with after doing some tests:

It takes a little practice, but it's pretty cool once you get it!  Let me know if you can do it in the comments or give me a shout-out on Facebook!


Sequoia National Park

Mmmmmm! Another delicious National Parkventure under our belts and it was too good.  If you ever have a chance to get over to Sequoia National Park you better do it.


John Pitt for City Council

I had the cool opportunity of creating the campaign look of John Pitt.  When he came to me (me being a long time resident and fan of Bountiful) I jumped at the chance.

When working with someone on a project you sure go through a lot of trial and error before landing on a design everyone's happy about. I had created a few fonts (below) inspired by the old Bountiful Lumber sign. (click here for some pretty cool photos from Elisabeth Horton). In the end John decided he favored the font "Abraham Lincoln" for the "vote" and "bountiful city council" but, hey, with a name like Abe Lincoln, who wouldn't pick that font?

I also made a serif font inspired by some old JFK letterhead.


The Mighty Chipmunk...in 3D!

Maybe you remember the ol' Mighty Chipmunk from a while ago.  Well, the 'munk never looked better since given that extra D by Stephen Anderson from the BYU animation program.  Watch him flex his talented three dimensional muscles >>here<<


How much America cares about Kim Jong-un (unfinished)

I started making this little animation a few months ago when Kim Jong-un was busying his pudgy little self picking fights with just about anyone he could.  I'm happy things cooled off... but I lost incentive to finish the cartoon.  I thought I'd at least post what I had.


CalArts sketchbook

It's been many moons since the last post, I know.  It's because too many exciting things happened over the last while.  Let's just say that you are now looking at a CalArts student's blog.  It was pretty rough for a while there. My wife Jackie hated all the time and stress I had to put into the application but look! It paid off!

We took a trip last week down to California to go to the new student event and I picked up the sketchbook from my portfolio.  I thought since it got me into the Animation school of champions it might be nice to put some of the sketches up on the blog.