Bryce Canyon National Park

Anyone who has looked at my blog knows I have a pretty serious addiction to Americana.
 I think it goes without saying that I would like one of the most iconic of all American concepts: the National Parks.

You don't notice the constant droning of busy roads or the humming of computers until you go somewhere pristine like a National Park.  There's nothing like it.  Clean mountain air.  Nature just sitting there waiting to be touched and sniffed and enjoyed.

Last week Jackie, Gordy and I hit the road like many Americans before us and headed to scenic Bryce Canyon of southern Utah.  It was Gordy's first National Park and our first time at Bryce Canyon.  It was spectacular.  If you haven't been there, go this weekend.  You'll love it.

With this piece I tried to give a nod to the National Park posters of the mid 20th century while still adding my own take on the experience.  For all the convenience of Photoshop I still prefer putting pen to paper as much as possible so I did the whole thing with a marker and altered it in Photoshop.

I can't mention National Parks without sending you to my good friend Chris Mabey's photography blog.  If there's anyone who could come close to rivaling my love for National Parks, it would be him.

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