Grand Canyon National Park

I've been hesitating to do the Grand Canyon, the Grand Daddy of them all (see what I did there?) but I finally got up the guts and just did it.

If you haven't already, why not check out the others in the National ParkArt series.


Arches National Park

I'm having a blast making this National Park series!  Up next we have Arches National Park, home of over 2000 natural rock arches including the famous Delicate Arch (a well known symbol of my home state of Utah). 


Timpanogos Cave National Monument

When I was little my family drove down from Idaho to Utah to see the caves.  I'll always remember how fun it was hiking up the trail to the caves and how excited I was to explore the bowels of the mountain.

We're excited for the summer when Gordy might be old enough to take a trip up to the caves with us.