How much America cares about Kim Jong-un (unfinished)

I started making this little animation a few months ago when Kim Jong-un was busying his pudgy little self picking fights with just about anyone he could.  I'm happy things cooled off... but I lost incentive to finish the cartoon.  I thought I'd at least post what I had.


  1. Which programs do you use to animate? So jealous! Good luck out there! This is Carlyle BTW

    1. Hey Carlyle! For this I drew everything by hand and scanned each drawing into the computer. Then I put them all together in Adobe After Effects. I did the color in Photoshop. Good to hear from you!

    2. Wow!, that's really cool. I need to give after effects a try, an artist buddy of mine here said to try it. Love the 4th of July comic, too cute