Lego Now and Then

I love Legos, but when I walk through the Lego aisle in the store (and yes, that's every time I'm at the store) I can't help but notice that they aren't quite the same as when I was younger.
Back in my youth the fun of Legos was trying to coax a creation out of the limited brick options available. Did it ever look like an exact replica? No, but what was part of the charm. Now if they don't have a certain piece the company will just make a brand new one. Is this a reflection of kids not using their imagination?  Or has Lego simply lost faith in the kids?


  1. Yes and yes. We teach creativity out of kids. That's why Legos are amazing if you just have a bin of random pieces. I credit that with much of my abilities to this day.

  2. AWESOME!! I totally agree with that! They really do seem to be using less and less legos nowadays.

  3. The specialty pieces are open to as many new possibilities as the regular old blocks. They do have more of them, but I don't think they stunt creativity, I think they give you more options. Instead of coaxing a castle out of a pile, you can coax a castle with cantilevered orange windows and bat wings.