The Gang

I really admire the style of some of the old Disneyland posters from around when the park opened.  This was a test to try to figure out how to incorporate my flavor into that style.


United States of Amazing!

I love America more than almost anything.  I did this on good ol' msPaint.  Well, the stars and the blast of American Spirit.  The rest was just me and Lady Liberty.

Couch Potato Bug

My first 3D project.

Flour Shower

Of all the things I've animated, this one gets more laughs than anything else.  It was the first thing I ever animated by hand, and I think I got a little ambitious.  I also shot it with a woefully inadequate camera so the quality is rock-bottom, but it still has some charm.

It took me about a thousand hours to do this dang thing, but I'm still pretty proud of it.


I made this animatic for a Storyboarding class at BYU.  It's just pencil and paper with some really obvious photoshop cutting and pasting, but it's just for timing and staging purposes.

This is a true story.  I was hanging out at my Dad's work when I was but a lad, and my dad had given me a Snickers bar to keep me quiet.  As I was chomping away, minding my own business, a hulking figure appeared and demanded my candy bar!  

My Dad found me cowering in the corner and tried to convince me that Wiggy was only joking.

I don't care.  He was going to eat me AND my Snickers.  To this day I haven't eaten another for fear that Wiggy will come crashing through the wall like the Kool-Aid man and devour me.



This was an assignment for a 3D modeling class in my first year in the animation program at BYU.  It was pretty fun to do but I'm thinking modeling and texturing aren't my glass of coke.