Gordon T. Bear

 I did this fun sketch (below... and yeah, I can't believe my scanner sucks that bad either) and decided to take another stab at Photoshop painting (which I'm still getting the hang of).  I ended up spending about 100 times more time on this than I had anticipated, but I think it turned out pretty good!

 Most of the time I think I have to do a bunch of different takes on a drawing before settling on the one I like, but this one kind of just came to me.  I'm glad I changed his somewhat unsettling face to something more appealing though.

Oh and I named him after my little boy Gordy.

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  1. I love the fall colors! Perfect for picnic time :) And I don't know why but the ziploc bag makes me so happy. Good job, Kendall! I miss you guyssssss.