Anteaters and Toucans

I just did some of them-there animal sketches.  I especially like the anteater who is explaining something.  I don't know what he would be explaining, but I am sure he is very knowledgeable and sagely.


Billy Animation

This was an assignment for my character animation class.  The teacher designed the character, which I think looks stupid, but all I had to do was animate it.  I am realizing that 2D animation is way more my style.  I like to have the flexibility to draw and move the character any way I want.



A fun little drawing I did for my good friend Aaron Barlow.  I'm trying to make a drawing for each of my friends in a style that they either like themselves or how I see them.  I hope they like it either way of course.



I made a whole series of food posters back in the day for my high school.  This is a test to see how I can animate them.