Breakfast: The Most Important App of the Day

I had posted this a long time ago in a very rough form.  I still have bigger plans for it, but this will have to suffice for now.



I was drawing buffaloes and it was so much cooler with an Uncle Sam hat!


The Mighty Chipmunk

Camping season came and went again, without a single camp-out in my family.  We can try to blame it on a one year old baby, but let's face it: the real problem is we don't have a Chipmunk 2000 with which to camp in style and comfort.

I did this all in Adobe Photoshop, which gave my digital painting skills quite a workout.  I'm quite proud of it.



Fast Effective Relief

One of the things I'm most proud of about this great country of ours is that we get the opportunity to vote.  If there seems to be something ailing the country, we can make it right simply by voting.  So if you haven't voted yet today, get going!

My first Snowman


It's a Sham-WOW!

Ever since I first saw the commercial on TV I have wanted a Sham-WOW, but my excitement is matched by my fear that all my fluids might inadvertently be osmosed from my cells.