John Pitt for City Council

I had the cool opportunity of creating the campaign look of John Pitt.  When he came to me (me being a long time resident and fan of Bountiful) I jumped at the chance.

When working with someone on a project you sure go through a lot of trial and error before landing on a design everyone's happy about. I had created a few fonts (below) inspired by the old Bountiful Lumber sign. (click here for some pretty cool photos from Elisabeth Horton). In the end John decided he favored the font "Abraham Lincoln" for the "vote" and "bountiful city council" but, hey, with a name like Abe Lincoln, who wouldn't pick that font?

I also made a serif font inspired by some old JFK letterhead.


The Mighty Chipmunk...in 3D!

Maybe you remember the ol' Mighty Chipmunk from a while ago.  Well, the 'munk never looked better since given that extra D by Stephen Anderson from the BYU animation program.  Watch him flex his talented three dimensional muscles >>here<<


How much America cares about Kim Jong-un (unfinished)

I started making this little animation a few months ago when Kim Jong-un was busying his pudgy little self picking fights with just about anyone he could.  I'm happy things cooled off... but I lost incentive to finish the cartoon.  I thought I'd at least post what I had.